About CHC

Creating Healthy Communities is a project funded by the Public Health and Health Services Block Grant. The Cuyahoga Count Board of Health (CCBH) receives funding from the Ohio Department of Health.  The Cuyahoga County Planning Commission and the New Life Cathedral-Possess the Land are the two funded partners on the project. The CHC team works with three priority communities (East Cleveland, Euclid and Lakewood) and additionally does more broad based work county-wide. The overarching goal of CHC is to reduce chronic diseases, including heart disease, diabetes, cancer, and stroke, through a health equity framework.  The CHC team focuses on making policy, systems, and environmental changes within a community, school, or workplace.  The current economic times that we are in emphasize the need to leverage resources, collaborate with partners, and help others who seek to achieve similar goals. The CHC coalition recognizes that social conditions can impact a person’s health.


Here is a video about Creating Healthy Communities produced in partnership with the Ohio Department of Health