Euclid’s Simon’s Grocery store awarded grant from Finance Fund

The Creating Healthy Communities team has worked to improve healthy food access to neighborhoods along Euclid Ave in Euclid, Ohio for several years. In a Transportation for Livable Communities Initiative planning process, the CHC team conducted a Health Impact Assessment. One of the focus areas of this assessment was healthy food access. Through resident surveys, census data collection, mapping, and literature reviews, the team recommended that a grocery store larger than 25,000 square feet be located along Euclid. The benefits sited were numerous, including providing jobs and a cost effective source for residents to get their groceries, and providing access to healthy foods to reduce obesity and chronic disease. The Simon’s Grocery store owner identified the property and spoke with city officials about opening the store this year. ¬†Once he purchased the property, it was realized that ¬†major improvements would be required in order to open the store. The CHC team assisted the owner and city by doing research about external funding sources to support this project and providing technical assistance for the grant application for the Healthy Food Financing opportunity offered by the Finance Fund. The City voted on a resolution to utilize federal Housing and Urban Development funding to support the external improvements, and the Finance Fund was awarded to renovate and purchase equipment for the interior of the store. The success of this project demonstrates how collaboration can impact community health and the local economy.

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