Cuyahoga County Projects

Healthy Retail Food: One of the major goals of the Cuyahoga County Creating Healthy Communities Coalition is to create healthy food purchasing opportunities in areas of the county where more people are food insecure.

Click to view the presentation from December’s “Gaps and Opportunities in Healthy Retail Food” forum. The Cuyahoga County Planning Commission led the discussion between economic development, grocery industry and public health representatives. A summary of the findings are available here.


Food Stamps at Farmers’ Markets: When food stamps changed from paper vouchers over to debit card style, farmers’ markets were left in the dust without the processing equipment. Limited income customers were forced to shop for fresh produce at grocery stores, which have been dwindling in many neighborhoods.

Creating Healthy Communities provided funding to Coit Road Farmers’ Market in East Cleveland, so it could become the first market in Cuyahoga County to accept Food Stamps. Since then, the CHC and the Cleveland-Cuyahoga Food Policy Coalition have hosted two workshops to assist local farmers’ markets to learn how to accept food stamps. Over the past few years, farmers’ markets have begun to acquire the equipment, and now most Cuyahoga County farmers’ markets accept Food Stamps (Ohio Direction). The Creating Healthy Communities project partners with the Food Policy Coalition to promote their “EBT Incentive” (Electronic Benefits Transfer) program. Here is a summary of the project.