Euclid’s TLCI HIA

The City of Euclid was awarded a Transportation for Livable Communities Initiative planning grant from NOACA (Northeast Ohio Areawide Coordinating Agency). The main purpose of the TLCI planning project is to re-plan the Euclid corridor in Euclid, Ohio to promote safer and improved multi-modal transportation. Through working with the Creating Healthy Communities project, the city of Euclid had a strong desire to ensure that biking, walking, and healthy land use was incorporated into the plan.  Through their work on sustainable watershed and stormwater efforts, they wanted to ensure that their new corridor would help improve the environment rather than harm it.  With these hopes, the CHC team wrote for and received a Health Impact Assessment (HIA) mentorship throughNACCHO (National Association of County and City Health Officials). The HIA team is working with the TLCI planning team and engineer’s to incorporate recommendations into their plan that will promote health. This HIA is focusing on examining the health impacts of the components of the plan related to food access and vacant properties.