Lakewood Projects

In Lakewood for 2016, the CHC program is working on:

  • Healthy Eating Ohio Healthy Program in Lakewood Child Care Centers

Two child care centers in Lakewood received technical assistance from CHC team members. Both Lakewood Child Care Center (1450 Belle) and St. Peters Child Care Center (18001 Detroit) were designated by the Ohio Healthy Program for the second year in a row. These child care centers created healthy menus meeting strict standards, developed policies to encourage healthy eating and active living, and implemented family involvement plans.

  • Active Living Shared Use Agreements to increase recreation access to underserved residents in Lakewood

The CHC staff assisted the Lakewood Department of recreation draft an agreement for “open use”. This agreement will include areas within the school grounds that are available for recreation purposes, including safety guidelines and hours of availability. The team is looking at increasing the available spaces within the district facilities, especially on the east side of Lakewood.

  • Tobacco Free Campus Policy at Lakewood City Hall

A tobacco free campus policy will discourage employees and visitors to city hall from using tobacco. A comprehensive policy includes city owned vehicles, parking lots and