Tobacco Model Policies & Resources

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Tobacco Free School Model Policies

Tobacco remains the number one cause of preventable death in our nation. Most adult smokers began smoking in their teens. The tobacco industry continues to spend billions of dollars on marketing its products, and we have an uphill battle to prevent youth from starting. A tobacco-free school encourages the promotion of a safe, healthy and positive school climate and culture, and consequently supports student learning. Having Tobacc Free policies reinforces educational messages about tobacco, promotes positive role models, and plays a big part in reducing student and staff tobacco use.

Tobacco/ Smoke Free University/ College Campus Policies

To date there are at least 826 colleges or universities in the U.S. have adopted 100% smokefree campus policies that eliminate smoking in indoor and outdoor areas across the entire campus, including residences.  This number has grown from 530 campuses the same time a year earlier and 420 campuses two years ago.  It is expected that this number will continue to climb rapidly as a result of the growing social norm supporting smokefree environments, and support from within the academic community for such policies for campus health and well-being. Below are a list of resouces for Tobacco & Smoke Fee Univeristies/ College Campus policies.

  •  Enacting college policy – Americans for Nonsmokers Rights, Steps for enacting a smokefree College campus policy
  •  Model_college&univ1209 – South Carolina Department of Health and Environmental Control, Model College/ University tobacco free policy
  •  Smokefreecollegesuniversities –  Americans for Nonsmokers Rights, US Colleges and Universities with Smokefree and Tobacco Free Policies